Actually it technically begins with the number 10, the first official game on the list was 10 Second Ninja – described by its developer’s as ‘a blisteringly fast, satisfyingly difficult and surprisingly methodical sidescroller which tasks you with completing each level in ten seconds or less.’

Described by me as a f’n nightmare.


This is like classic old school gaming, in other words – hard. I did have fun trying to play it, sadly, I just lack the skills or the patience to keep practicing. I was interested enough to watch other people playing it on Youtube though, laughing along as they too found it incredibly difficult. It was by watching others though that I got to see some of the hidden elements of the game, secret mini games and areas etc.

Would I play it again? Maybe, but it would probably just be on the Vita, when I had a spare minute, maybe during my lunch break at work or something. Actually I probably will play this again, just because it annoys me how bad I am at it. They got me.



Next on the list was Alienation – a spiritual successor to Dead Nation (which we’ll get to properly later because that’s also on the list). You basically run around killing aliens, pretty much exactly how you run around killing zombies in Dead Nation. It’s a great looking game, just click on the official website link above and see for yourself.

I wasn’t sure about the game play at first, I remember trying out Dead Nation years ago and I was not used to the weird isometric kind of bird’s eye view style, I found it difficult to navigate and didn’t play long. Alienation has the same style so I struggled at first, but I stuck it out and ended up having an absolute blast (literally) with it. It is meant to be a multi-player game I believe but I’ll just put it out there now – I am not a fan of playing online with other people, I am all single player games, all the time. I mean, I don’t mind playing with people I’m friends with where we just run around together being dicks but I’m too much of a casual gamer to get too involved, so I tend to avoid multi-player. I thought that might make Alienation unplayable for me, the first few times I tried I got swarmed by enemies and thought you must need a whole lot more people to make it manageable, but after awhile I started playing smarter and obviously got to know the controls a bit better, and I made it through the first mission completely solo. This may not be possible for later missions as I’m sure the difficulty goes up, but it was still fun to run around and play it anyway, and I would definitely do it again, this one is staying on my PS4 for the foreseeable future (or until I run out of hard drive space).


I’m not really a fan of horror games, not the kind designed to just scare the crap out of you and nothing else anyway. I’ve had the Amnesia Collection in my library for quite some time, having absolutely no idea what it is or what it’s about. Turns out it is a survival horror game bundled together with its DLC and a sequel to the game. So I start wandering around in this scary looking place, knowing full well I should leave it for another day since it’s night time and I’m home alone, but enthusiastic to get on with my gaming mission. Instructions on screen tell me not to try and fight any enemies, just run. I was out. Nope. In fact, as I exited back to the title screen, a trophy popped up which was actually called ‘NOPE’ !! The icon of which is posted below:


It’s like a self portrait.

Needless to say I have no idea what the sequel is like, and I never will.


The next game was a welcome distraction, however it was short lived because I really didn’t like it. Apotheon is a platformer game, probably one of the most common style of games out there, which means a game needs to be really something special to stand out for me. It’s set in Ancient Greece and the graphics are definitely unique, but I found the controls really awkward and the menu/interface difficult to read. Some might say I just didn’t give it a chance but, hello –  300+ games to get through. I stopped the game pretty early on, didn’t get a QUITTER trophy like the one above however.

Would I play it again? Honestly, no. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who love it, but it’s just not for me.


The next game was Azkend 2, I’m not going to say much about it because I realized it was the same game I have on my iPad, and while I did end up playing it for quite awhile on the PS4 since it is a fun matching game, it’s easier to play it on a tablet because the swiping finger movement suits the game much better than trying to use a game controller. I deleted it from my PS4 but it remains on my iPad!

Well, that’s officially the end of ‘A’. I think what I’ll do in the future is if a game gets added to PS Plus starting with a letter I’ve already played through, it will immediately go to the head of the line, that seems simple enough.

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