psplusBack in 2013, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a year’s subscription to PS Plus, PlayStation’s premium service that provides online store discounts and games to add to your library each month, playable as long as you are a PS Plus member. Currently games for the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 are included, and now sometimes VR games as well. I own all these systems, and have been adding every single game to my library since then (save for one month (or maybe more than one) when I bloody forgot!) only, anybody who knows me well knows I have a terrible habit of adding/buying games and then not getting around to playing them. Saving them for a rainy day, a sick day, or when I just reeeeally feel like playing that one game. Obviously I have gotten around to playing some games; my consoles aren’t sitting there collecting dust (well, for the most part), but there are now something like over 300 games in my library across the Vita, PS3 and PS4 that I have never played. I know because I made a spreadsheet.

That doesn’t even include the games I have bought physical copies of, currently sitting on my shelf, most of them have never seen the inside of a console yet (I don’t have THAT many of those in comparison, thank goodness).

I finally couldn’t take it any more, knowing that for the past 4.5 years I have been paying every year for all these games and mostly ignoring them, and thought it was time to do something about it. I have a full time job so I don’t have nearly enough time to play each game in full, nor would I want to since I know that there are a lot of games that I’ll dislike within the first few minutes of checking them out, games I would not spend time completing. This isn’t about finishing all the games, just trying them out so I know that I have. I’m trying to put a max play time of 1 hour on each, sometimes I go over this but most times I might only play for 5, 10 or 20 minutes depending on the game, so it balances out in the end I’m sure. I’ll be keeping record of the ones I like and want to go back to later to play properly.

Since I’m unbearably indecisive when it comes to choosing what to play, I’ve eliminated the pain of having to decide and I’m going through them in alphabetical order. There are some exceptions to this – I am starting with my PS4 games first (I just got a PS4 Pro and I want to play with it, damn it) and some of the games on there have earlier games from the same series on the PS3 and I don’t particularly want to play a newer one first. In some cases I might have like 5 games in the same series (Assassin’s Creed, anyone?) and in those instances I’ll only be checking out the first one (or whichever one comes first that I’ve yet to play) and I will not be touching the rest in the series because that just seems weird. I’d like to properly finish those ones before moving on to the next, so those sequels won’t be part of the mission. I’ll get to them eventually, HA HA.

I want to get the digital games out of the way and then get to the ones on disc, mostly because my disc games are generally ‘big’ games, and the digital ones are mostly little indie games with the occasional AAA title thrown in, either from PS Plus or because I bought it on sale.

I realize this is going to take some time, but I figure with a maximum of an hour each I can knock out at least a few games after work during the week each day, and then even more on the weekends. I started a few days ago and can proudly announce that I am up to the letter ‘F’ in my PS4 digital library. F for FUCK, I HAVE A LOT OF GAMES TO PLAY. No but seriously, I have checked out 34 games already. It’s a long weekend, being Easter and all, so unfortunately I probably won’t be keeping up that pace for long.

I am not going to make a blog post for every game because, just, no. I will do a brief round up of the games played every few days maybe, probably split the 34 games up into a few posts to start with. I can’t see them being in-depth reviews and that’s not really what this is for, I am just recording the progress of my mission but I know I won’ t be able to help commenting my opinions whether they be bad or good.

Anyway, the mission has started, wish me luck!




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