First up was a delightful looking little game called Badland (Game of the Year Edition) which I believe was originally a mobile game and then it was eventually released as a GOTY on console etc. Another sidescroller, set in a beautifully designed forest where you control a cute little creature bopping along, trying to keep up (if the little creature doesn’t move fast enough and disappears off screen it’s game over) and trying to squeeze through tight spaces by shrinking to tiny size and knocking big boulders over by growing to huge size etc etc. I played until I got stuck, it was fun enough but not all that memorable. Would I play it again? Maybe, but it would be a casual thing, perhaps on the Vita or even the mobile version, a game you might pull out and play while you’re waiting for the bus.


I had never played any Telltale games before, but I had a few in the library that had either been offered through PS Plus or ones where I had downloaded the first episode for free to try out (eventually). I didn’t really know much about them, and one day while I was at home sick I accidentally opened the Batman Telltale game, groaning at first because opening a game always feels like such a commitment, and perhaps it was because I was ill and had no energy, I ended up just shrugging and saying to myself, “Well, I guess I’m playing Batman”.

I’ve played Batman games before, I even finished Batman: Arkham Asylum on PS3 (I know, I’ve actually completed games, crazy!) and started the sequel, Arkham City, and didn’t play much, but I knew this wouldn’t be like those games. It turned out to be the perfect kind of game for me to entertain myself with while I was sick, because it required  so little interaction. You’re basically just watching the story unfold, weakly guided by your decision making (I feel like the general outcome would be the same regardless of whether you choose to shake a mobster’s hand at your fancy party or not). The thing is, the story was so cool, I was totally drawn in and ended up finishing it in two days (in between naps). I love the comic book art style, I loved how Bruce Wayne’s father was portrayed so differently from every Batman movie or game I’ve ever seen, and the best part? There is a SEQUEL. I believe the final episode was just released a few days ago, I need to check before I start because I want to binge on the whole series like I did the original game.

It prompted me to look further into all the Telltale games, and I ended up buying the Telltale Mega Collection, which is almost all of their games (more to add to the list, oops) –

– The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
– The Walking Dead: Season Two
– The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
– The Walking Dead: Michonne
– Batman – The Telltale Series
– Batman: The Enemy Within
– Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
– The Wolf Among Us
– Game of Thrones
– Tales from the Borderlands

It was like 80% discounted, I just had to.


Blacklight: Retribution was next on the list. As far as I know this is a free to play game. I’m not a huge fan of FPS games but it was fun enough running around the tutorial area, especially when you got to jump into a giant robot thing and blast things with it (then you get to blow the robot up, carefully, lest you accidentally blow yourself up in the process >____> ) But the tutorial area was as far as I got, because unless I completely missed it, there is no single player campaign, just online matches, it wouldn’t let me just try to play by myself.

Moving on.


Bloodborne. It was a game I was so excited for when it came out, so excited I bought the game on disc and everything. And then never played it.

I could start going on about the Soulsborne games, but we’ll get to the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls later. Even though I haven’t finished Dark Souls (and haven’t even started DS2 which of course I own) I didn’t mind playing Bloodborne now that it’s included in the PS Plus library (my physical copy still sits on the shelf, wondering what it did wrong), because it’s not a sequel, it is its own new game. Also, I don’t think it matters what order you play any Souls game in, the stories don’t exactly align from what I can make out.

So, Bloodborne. Just like all the others from this studio, it’s a beautiful world, and by beautiful I mean horrible. These worlds are so bleak and depressing, but designed so gorgeously you can’t help but love them. The game looks awesome on PS4 Pro, and was as punishing as I expected. I only played for an hour, but I will definitely go back to try a proper play through.


Bombing Bastards / Bombing Busters is a cute, fun game that I really wish I was better at lol. I was not expecting to have so much fun with it, even though I was so bad at it. The concept is simple enough – you’re on a little grid randomly filled with bushes and little monsters, your goal is to drop bombs on strategic parts of the grid and blow the monsters away, using the bushes etc on the grid to try and block the monsters in so they are close to the blast radius. But you can also accidentally trap yourself in the process, and you blow up instead, otherwise you can die if a monster touches you (ew, monster cooties), and you have to clear all the monsters from the grid within a certain time period. Even though I suck at it, I can see myself going back time and time again trying to beat each level! This one I will probably also download to my Vita to play.

maxresdefault (24)

Update: I downloaded it to my Vita and have been playing it on the way to and from work, and during my lunch breaks. It’s infuriating but I just have to play it lol.

The rest of B will be in the next entry, along with C!

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