If I had seen someone else playing Bound I probably would have passed on even trying it, it just doesn’t come across as something I’d find fun to play, so it’s probably a good thing I tried it blind, because HOLY CRAP, what an incredible game. I was mesmerised and I’m pretty sure I played most of it in my one sitting, and from what I can tell it’s designed to be played in one sitting. It wasn’t until I started that I realised this is a game that can also be played entirely in VR, and that apparently makes the experience even more mind blowing, so next time I play I’m going to do it through the VR headset and I’ll start over from the beginning.

Wow. It’s hard for me to even describe the game but it starts out simply enough, a heavily pregnant woman arrives at a beach with a notebook, she sits down and you are suddenly pulled into a strange, alien world that looks like it’s made entirely of square shaped makeup sponges (just watch the trailer above, you will see what I mean), and you are an alien princess tasked with defeating a huge monster who is trying to destroy the kingdom. The princess can literally ballet dance her way through this world, and it’s stunning to watch and play, especially with the music to go along with it. The game is cut up into different levels that you can play in random order according to whichever page you choose from the pregnant woman’s notebook on the beach, and at the end of each level you are pulled into a scene from a memory tied to the pregnant woman. My take on it is that the alien world is something she has created in her mind to deal with different traumatic events in her life, however since I haven’t finished the whole game yet I am not 100% on that.


Lol, BROFORCE. A creative pixel art platform game using characters inspired by action movie heroes from all eras. Rambro, Brobocop, Broheart, Indiana Brones, they’re all in there. I got stuck fairly early on so I didn’t play for all that long, but it was definitely amusing, and feels like a funny poke at ‘Murica with its ‘America – F**K YEAH’ vibe. I may try this one again, but probably just to show it to other people for giggles.


I feel like I’m missing something with the next game I played, Broken Age. It has such good reviews and hype, but I was instantly bored, and stayed that way. I just don’t get it. What do people find so great about it? Not something I am interested in looking into any further.


The final B game on the PS4 mission is one I didn’t actually play on the PS4 (though it is in my PS4 library), because I’d already played it twice before on the PS3, twice because I loved it so much. It’s not a long game so you can play it in a day, and if you’re anything like me you will want to play the whole thing all at once. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons.

The tagline on their website says ‘This is one journey you will never forget.’

I can back that up; the story is amazing, sad and beautiful. The game is fun to play once you used to get used to the controls – on a game controller you control one brother with the left stick and the other brother with the right stick, each having to do different things for the both of them to be able to traverse the world together. There are small touches that add to the charm, such as the younger brother not being able to swim so you have to have the older brother carry him through water on his back etc, you can’t help but love their bond. I can’t say much further without spoiling it, just that it definitely had a big emotional impact on me by the end, and I highly recommend watching a full play-through on Youtube if it’s not something you want to play yourself, just to enjoy the story.


I didn’t expect Child of Light to hold my attention for as long as it did, and even though I’m not in a huge hurry to get back to it, I was pleasantly surprised. A platforming RPG set in a world straight out of a water colour painting, featuring a protagonist named Aurora, a young girl. I’m not into turn based combat but it didn’t outright ruin the game for me, it just kind of became a drag because it’s such a slow way of fighting in comparison to fully real time battles. That said, I did find myself carefully considering options when assigning skill points to Aurora every time she levelled up. There was enough puzzle solving to keep me interested, but whether I play it again is just a maybe.




Claire – Extended Cut – Oh no, another survival horror game, this time in pixelated 2D. This is another one where I feel like I must be missing something because I basically hated it from the start, yet it seems to be a popular game? Maybe I didn’t give it the time it deserved, but then again, maybe I did.





The next game is one on the list where I didn’t actually play it for the mission, only because I have already played quite a bit of it. Color Guardians is a bright, fun little game that I started playing after getting frustrated one too many times trying to play Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy. It’s a non stop sidescroller/runner with a cool twist, each of the controller buttons are assigned a colour, and as your character runs along the dark grey landscape, orbs and obstacles appear in different colours, and you use your buttons to change your character’s colour to match the orb/obstacle, because if they run into/onto  something that’s a different colour, it’s over. Running into them as the right colour will recolour the world around you (and it looks awesome). Eventually you get enemies popping up which you can only avoid by moving your character up and down into a different ‘lane’ on the track. Get to the end and depending on how well you did you’ll get up to 3 stars, and you can move on to the next level. It’s just good old fashioned fun.




The next one was definitely a surprise, Counterspy was never something I was interested in playing, purely based on the name and the game icon lol, I judged it by its cover, in other words. It’s a platform game, but you aren’t just running along mindlessly jumping on things. You’re a spy, a 1960’s cold war 007 kinda spy, and you’re tasked with preventing two super powers from destroying the world. As you sneak through enemy bases you need to hide from/neutralise guards, shoot out security cameras, and hack computers to steal blueprints etc. I had a great time on my first mission, and I will most definitely be back to play this again.


That’s it for B and C!



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