So I have Dark Souls 3 in my library from picking it up on sale a couple of months back, and I said previously that sequels wouldn’t be included in the mission, and since I have DS 1 & 2 on PS3 I was going to skip it, but Dark Souls isn’t really a series of interconnecting stories so I don’t think it matters what order you play them in. I only played for half an hour, long enough to see YOU DIED come up on the screen, that’s for sure. I’ll go back to the game eventually, but I must say I don’t really enjoy Dark Souls as much as I loved Demon’s Souls. It may just be a case of getting used to it maybe.





I had never played Darksiders or even really looked into it, but Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition showed up in the PS Plus collection at the end of last year, originally a PS3 game that was remastered for the PS4. I watched a trailer of it and thought it looked pretty cool, so I actually downloaded it and started it up before the mission even properly started, with full intentions of just checking it out, playing it for one hour maximum etc. Two hours later I was still running around in it, only really turning it off because I had to go to bed.

From what I could make out the protagonist is one of the horsemen (as in the four horsemen) named ‘Death’, and the beginning of the game hinted that he had a brother called ‘War’ who had somehow brought about the destruction of mankind, and somehow Death is supposed to clear his brother’s name. There was a lot of hacking and slashing, reminding me a little of Diablo 3 but without the isometric viewpoint. I love the art style, the fighting is fun and you get to ride around on a ghost horse. I enjoyed it enough that I decided to look into the original game, which has been remastered so it’s available on PS4, and it was like $11. I played a bit of that too and I’ve really enjoyed both games so far. Obviously I’ll leave the 2nd one until I’ve finished the original, and then I’ll be keen to play the new one, the third ‘horseman’ Fury, a woman. Apparently it’s a parallel sequel, and she is tasked with hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins.




Day Of The Tentacle – Remastered – I wanted to like this, a point and click game with really good reviews, apparently once a cult classic, but it just didn’t grab me. It’s not something I would play again.




Not played as part of the mission but a game I’ve definitely played a lot of is a free to play MMO (solo play works fine) – DC Universe Online. Instead of playing one of the DC characters, you create your own hero to fight along side Superman, Batman, Wonder Women etc. I haven’t played in awhile so I’m not sure of any updates, but it’s set across two cities – Gotham and Metropolis, and it’s honestly just fun going around these cities, even if you don’t follow along with the game story.


I need to get back into it, but it has to wait for now!




Just like Alien Nation, Dead Nation was a game I found super fun when I checked it out. It’s basically the same thing from the short time I spent with it, only instead of aliens you have hordes of zombies to kill. I really need to get over my issues with playing with random strangers online to properly enjoy these games I think! I actually first played this game with a friend years ago on PS3, it was the first time I’d ever played any isometric game and I struggled so bad with the controls, I hated it lol. This time, on PS4, just running around by myself, knowing what to expect made it much more enjoyable. I know a lot of people are over the zombies thing but tough shit, this is fun 😀




Technically Deus Ex: Mankind Divided should be next on the list, but I had heard it’s better to play the game before it, Deus Ex: Human Revolution to get the most out of the story. Human Revolution was $3.95 so I got it, but it’s for the PS3, so we’ll get to these games later!




I don’t know if there was something buggy going on but the next game I tried was Disc Jam and I really had trouble with the controls. It looked like it would have been a fun game but unfortunately not one you can really play alone! It’s fine, I am not into sports games anyway >_<




The last one on the list for now is Doki-Doki Universe, a game I don’t really ‘get’. It’s been in my library for awhile now, and even though the concept is cute (a robot trying to prove it that understands humanity) it didn’t feel all that game-like to me. I’m not really sure who the intended audience is for either, it plays like a kid’s game, as in, very small kids. Not sure if I’ll look at it again, if I do it’ll probably just be on the Vita, but given I only have a 30gb memory card in the Vita, I can’ s see me deleting something else to install this game on it.


There is more D to come, but it turned out to be quite a big list so the rest will be in the next entry!

P.S I am still playing Bombing Busters LOL. I am a tiny bit better at it now, but I still mostly suck.


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