I played through the first mission of Galak-Z The Void not expecting much, but actually it wasn’t too bad. Really good voice acting and I got into the gameplay even though this isn’t the type of game I’d normally play.  I felt like I was playing inside a cartoon I might have watched as a kid, it just has that kind of fun vibe. I can see me playing this again for sure.




Like most people I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, but I was wary of playing any games associated with it. Video games based on existing media can sometimes just bomb so hard, but I guess the fact that this game is from Telltale makes it safe since you know you’re basically just playing along with a choose your own (mostly) adventure story. This is set right amongst all the actual storylines and characters from the show, where you control different people depending on the scene/location, and the story is just as brutal as its TV counterpart so it definitely had that Thrones feel to it. I’ve only played the first chapter so far, and man, the ending! I actually googled to see if there was anything I could have done to change the outcome but apparently your choices make no difference to the fate of a certain someone. I am looking forward to playing the rest and seeing what happens.





Gauntlet is so much like a game I played on iOS, I just can’t remember what it was called, and guess what – I have a ton of iOS games I’ve never played either, so I can’t be bothered going through them all. It’s actually quite fun and it’s a game you can play alone or with friends, it’s based on a really old game and has some interesting humour.

I played as the big Barbarian looking dude who thinks very highly of himself haha. I wouldn’t mind checking this out again playing as the other classes. You just run around hacking and slashing, kind of like Diablo.




I’ve had Gone Home in my library for awhile thanks to PS Plus but never played it, I don’t feel like I need to though because I watched a full play through of it on Youtube. If I ever do play it it will just be for trophies I think, I can’t imagine it’s all that interesting when you already know the full story. I was disappointed by the ending to be honest, I just felt like this was an awesome way to tell a story, it’s just that the story wasn’t all that great. That said, maybe it was because I wasn’t actually playing it, and just watching it that I felt meh about the story. I’d like to see more games designed like this, the mystery of it is cool, and in this case spooky.





You know what? I am just not a fan of turn based games. Grand Kingdom did nothing to change that, in fact it probably cemented my feelings lol. I just don’t get why people think these are so fun? If I wanted to play a board game I’d just play a board game. If I’m playing a video game, I just don’t have the patience for this.





I feel like Grim Fandango has such an interesting story, but the gameplay really sucked for me. I found the controls clunky and weird, I’m not sure how this was so well received. Perhaps it could be given another chance but with so many other games to play, it’s likely I will never touch it again.




I reaaaaally wanted to like Grow Home, it looked adorable and you play as a cute little robot. The art style is perfect, and it was fun for the first five minutes. I quickly grew tired of it when I was just bouncing around without a clue what to do lol. It’s so darn cute though, especially the little robot noises, I will probably just have to try this one again later and give it more time. This one would be good in VR in my opinion!




I didn’t even want to play the next game at all lol, I remember when it was on PS Plus I just thought it looked so stupid (but I saved everything to my library just in case), but I was so hooked into Guacamelee (Super Turbo Championship Edition) within the first minute or two. Not only is this game fun to play, I love the whole Mexican theme, the graphics, the music and some of the dialogue, and I ended up playing it for quite a while before I finally quit, because I was just having that much fun. I will definitely be playing this one again, happy to be proven wrong in this case! I see there is a Guacamelee 2 and I’m probably going to have to get that as well 😀




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