I remember when Lords of the Fallen came out, I was really excited because it looked like another Dark Souls game which was really popular back then. I’ve actually had this game for ages but only played it now for the mission, I’d heard some bad things about it so the excitement to play it had long worn off. I played for a little bit and didn’t mind it, but what I really didn’t enjoy was the way the camera swung around wildly during combat, I don’t know whether I was doing something wrong or if it’s the just the game but it was really distracting and annoying. I will get around to playing this game properly so maybe I’ll figure out the issues then.





Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime is actually really cute and kept me entertained for quite some time. It’s designed so that multiple players can grab controllers and join in or you can just play solo and switch between characters, which from I could tell consists of you and some pets lol. You are controlling a circular space station thing through some 2D caves, fighting off enemies and freeing bunnies who will open up locked areas for you to get through. Not sure I’ll play it again but it was fun to check out.




Maybe I’m dumb but I just didn’t get Lumo at all lol. All I could get him to do was walk through doors. I think I need to do some Youtube research with this one and then try again.




I’d heard previously that Mad Max was an underrated game and suffered for the fact that it released the same day as Metal Gear Solid V, and I can totally see it. This game is AWESOME. I felt completely like I was in the same world as Mad Max: Fury Road (not related, it just captured the vibe of the movie perfectly). I played for quite a while and I can’t wait to get back in and play it properly. One of my favourite things was that the game tells you when you’ve completely looted an area, so you don’t waste time running around looking for stuff that’s not there. YAAAASSSSS.




I hadn’t played Magicka and don’t own it but since I don’t know anything about the games or particularly care that much I dived right into Magicka 2 without worrying about it. It was actually entertaining enough, a top down adventure game where you are running around as some kind of little wizard, learning spells to control the elements as you go and using them to traverse the world and attack enemies. I am intrigued enough to check this out again later! It’s similar to how I feel about their other games I’ve played for the Mission, Gauntlet and Helldivers, they definitely know how to make fun/funny games.




Since I got the Telltale Mega Collection I now own the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game/story, and though I’d probably prefer a full on game for these great characters who I love, I enjoyed the Batman Telltale game enough to look forward to this. I’ve only played the beginning but so far so good for now!




I’ve never been interested in Mercenary Kings to be honest but what I played of it was quite fun. It’s a regular sidescrolling/platform game but as a mercenary you have access to weapons and explosives to help you through the levels, the dialogue is amusing and you can choose which character you want to take through the levels. Not sure if I’d play it again but it’s definitely on the maybe list.




I have never played a Metal Gear Solid game before so I knew I needed to do some catch up before I dived into the MGS 5 since these don’t seem to be standalone games, very much a series with the same characters with long, involved histories. Apparently MGS 5 fits in before some of the previous games chronologically (just to confuse the fuck out of new players) so all I did was watch a brief history of the story on Youtube to catch me up to this point. It’s not the same as playing the games of course, but we’re talking about some super old games that I have no interest in going through, I have limited interest in the series as it is. So firstly I had to figure out what was what since my library contained both MGS V Ground Zeroes and MGS V The Phantom Pain, which was puzzling since they are both MGS V lol. So with some research (man, this game is so much EFFORT) I worked out that Ground Zeroes is its own little standalone thing that seems to be kind of a prelude to the main game The Phantom Pain, so I only tried out Ground Zeroes for now. I was pleasantly surprised because I imagined it was going to be FPS but it wasn’t, I could see the main character on the screen, just how I like it. It’s an adventure/stealth game, and I am shit at stealth but I managed to muddle my way through for a bit, until I gave up eventually, surrounded by dudes shooting me to death. I will probably play this again, whether I’ll ever finish these games is another story.




Mighty No 9, yet another sidescrolling game, it’s not especially remarkable but it’s okay. Apparently this game was a total flop and a Kickstart disaster. Not sure why anyone would put millions of dollars into a Kickstarter for a generic sidescrolling game but that’s what happened!




I’m throwing Minecraft in here since I own it on PS4 and I’ve played it before, it’s Minecraft, what more needs to be said?




Not to be confused with Minecraft, Mousecraft is a completely different game which I found mildly amusing. It’s one of those games cut up into levels where you need to try and get 3 stars/perfect but only need a pass to move on to the next level. You’re a crazy scientist doing experiments with mice (which I absolutely don’t condone in real life). It’s simple enough, you have a group of tetris type blocks that you need to drop and arrange in a way that three mice can get across the top to a plate of cheese, basically just a puzzle game.



The May PS Plus games recently came out and one of them was Beyond: Two Souls, and since I am very much past B it had to be next on the list, so I’m putting in here at the end of the Ms. This is actually I game I own on PS3 but yet another that I’ve never played, I only ever bought it back in the day because I loved Heavy Rain from the same developers (which I played on PS3, but only once through so I haven’t seen all the endings) but I’d heard Beyond: Two Souls wasn’t nearly as good so I wasn’t in a rush to play it. For a long time I had considered buying the double pack where you get both this game and Heavy Rain for PS4 but I’m glad I didn’t since Beyond: Two Souls is now part of the PS Plus line up and I got Heavy Rain for free when I pre-ordered Quantic Dream’s  new game Detroit: Become Human (played the demo and LOVED it).

I’ve only played a bit of Beyond: Two Souls but I’m finding it interesting so far, I’ll definitely go back and try to play the whole thing.


Next up – N!

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