I forgot about one of the other newest monthly games that begins with a letter I’ve already played through: King Oddball. Lol basically you are a big ball in the sky wearing a crown, you have a super long tongue that you use to throw rocks around to try and knock over all the targets in each level. Yep. That’s about it.

I actually played it for quite a bit, until I got stuck. Not sure if I would play it again.




I hate sports games, it doesn’t matter what sport it is, I hate it. The only reason I even attempted to play NBA 2K16 was for the mission, and while I think the idea of sports games is cool, I just don’t enjoy them and I’m terrible at them, this game was no different lol. Will not be playing again.




Neon Chrome is a bit of fun, top down twin stick shooter set in a cool futurist environment. I didn’t play it long but I will probably go back to try and play it properly.





I’ve tried to play Never Alone a couple of times and I really want to like it, but it doesn’t really grab me. I feel like I should just push on with it but I got stuck on one part and couldn’t be bothered trying to work out what to do, so that’s where it’s left at the moment lol. It’s beautifully made art-wise, and I love the fox, it’s just not that fun for me.




Nom Nom Galaxy is so obnoxious haha, I doubt I will play it again but it was semi entertaining for the twenty or so minutes I spent with it.




I know I go on about not liking turn based games, but I actually quite enjoyed playing Nova-111. There was something kind of charming and fun about it, and it’s not the typical turn based ‘battle’ with swords and magic, you’re in a spaceship in a strange alien world where you run into weird creatures and you need to rescue people. While it was fun, with all the games I have I can’t see me taking the time to go back to it.




I remember playing Abe’s Oddyssey years ago, mostly just because my brother and I were entertained by the farting noises and general nonsense that went on. I can’t remember what console it was even on, PS1? Maybe it was PS2, I dunno, I just know it was a loooong time ago. I had forgotten all about it until I saw they were remaking it for current gen – Oddworld – New N’ Tasty LOL it’s exactly as I remember it, only better looking (if there is such a thing with this kinda icky game). I can’t imagine I’ll ever finish the game (I never finished the original) but will probably make my brother check it out and pop it on for the occasional laugh.




I wanted to like Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood because yay skateboarding! Unfortunately I just really suck at the game, and it seems bugged. You’re forced to go through tutorials where you have to perform certain manoeuvres (in other words press the right combination of buttons on the controller) which I really struggled with and then every now and then I’d do the complete wrong thing and it would count it as a pass? Almost like the game was tired of me messing up so it was like OK THAT’S FINE MOVING ON. Probably won’t play again.




I could only manage maybe twenty minutes (or maybe it was ten) of the horror game Outlast before I exited out with a big NOPE. I was really curious about the story though so I am just watching other, braver people on Youtube play it instead haha. Horror games are much more manageable if you’re not going it alone I reckon. Watching people play it as they provide commentary, laughing when they jump or have WTF moments takes the stress out of it!


Yeah nah.




I recently bought Oxenfree because I’d heard really good things about it and saw that it was majorly discounted in a recent digital sale so I jumped on the opportunity and so far I’ve really enjoyed the game, I am definitely looking forward to getting back into it. The story is so interesting, I love the characters, and it’s just spooky enough to be intriguing. Yay!




I’ve been MIA lately, there are way more games I’ve played and yet to document on here but ever since Detroit: Become Human released on May 25th that is all I have been playing lol.

I really liked the demo they put out a month or so before the game released which was the first chapter basically, or first mission, so I pre-ordered the digital version and shockingly enough I actually started playing the game the day it was released – me! You can play through the game in less than half a day if you play non stop (and finish way sooner depending on the choices you make) so it’s not that it’s a long game, but there is so much replayability! I’ve already played through twice and am gearing up for the next run lol. The first play-through ended terribly, I ended up getting all the main characters killed, but the next one I made different choices and it unlocked so much new gameplay, and I made it to the end with the main characters alive. I just love how different things can turn out, I’ve seen other scenarios from people playing on Youtube and I still see new stuff every day.

As far as the story goes, I prefer Heavy Rain by the same developer, but this game is incredibly well made and well thought out, love the graphics and how you discover new things all the time. I’ll probably be playing until I pop the platinum trophy, or once I’ve completed 100% of every chapter by taking different paths each time lol.

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