Whenever I don’t know what to play or when I feel like playing something but don’t feel like getting heavily invested in anything I just start up Peggle 2. This is a game I paid for (it was on sale) because I’d played it on someone’s computer and instantly enjoyed it, so when I saw it was going cheap I just had to have it. It’s good old fashioned video game fun, no story to follow, there is apparently multiplayer but it doesn’t shove that down your throat like other games, and I’ve spent many hours just mindlessly playing it. Good times!




I used to love playing Pinball – real Pinball, I always preferred it over electronic arcade games, and now thanks to the glory of technology pinball fans far and wide can enjoy playing dozens of different tables right at home. Pinball Arcade is free to download, but that’s where they get you – you have to buy the different packs with all the tables if you want everything. You can trial the tables, and it is a lot of fun, but as much as I’d love to throw a whole lot of money at it (and it would cost a LOT of money to buy all the packs), you can get VR Pinball, which is like having an ACTUAL pinball table right in front of you, with amazing visual effects going on around you. I have to pay for those tables, and if I have to choose which to spend money on, the VR wins. If I didn’t have PSVR though, I’d be tempted to buy some pinball tables, I just wish they were a little cheaper! I must say though, there is way more selection here than the VR game I have, and there are some real classics.

Okay, I may have just convinced myself that I might need to buy some tables damn it!



I’ve only played Pix The Cat in single player mode (of course), but it’s actually something that looks like it would be fun with a group of people playing together. Fun and CRAZY. Even though I really had no idea what I was doing, it was entertaining just playing it lol.


I will probably keep this one on my PS4 and go back to it eventually.




Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate is an alright little game, and it boasts 150+ levels so I guess you can’t really call it little, but it has that little feel about it. It was fun enough, but not all that memorable. It’s a maybe for me whether I play this one again. I just bought a 4gb external hard drive for my PS4 Pro so it’ll probably stay on there for awhile at least!





I remember first playing Plants vs Zombies on my Ipad and it was a fun way to kill time for sure. One day Playstation made the first PvZ Garden Warfare completely free to download (for a limited time), so I got it, and even though I go on about hating online multiplayer games, this is totally an exception. This was back before PvZGW2 came out, so plenty of people were still playing it when I first started, and it was super fun!! I spent hours in it, I loved every little thing about it. Words cannot describe how fun it was. I have no idea if people still play it now since there is a sequel, but I hope people still do. I haven’t even looked at GW2 yet since I have so many other games to play, but maybe one day, or I’ll wait for GW3!




Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness, whyyyyy? Why are visual novels classed as games? Psycho Pass? HARD PASS. I don’t care how good the story is, this is not how I want to spend my time on Playstation. How hard would it be to make a good visual novel with enough interactivity to make it fun to go through? Surely not that difficult.



Pumped BMX+ looked like heaps of fun and I was looking forward to playing it, but after awhile I got stuck and I’m pretty sure it was just the tutorial! I’m obviously just not good at pressing the right combination of buttons at the right time, even though I was SURE I was doing it properly >.<


I just kept wiping out until I got frustrated and gave up. But I am determined to get it lol. I’ll be going back for more, wish me luck.




I always loved Playing Gran Turismo back when there was only one Gran Turismo and one Playstation, and my favourite was GT 5 on PS3, I don’t know whether it was a loyalty thing but I was never really interested in trying out any other driving games (though I tried DriveClub for a bit, it wasn’t really my thing). I remember when info about Project Cars started coming out awhile back, the graphics looked amazing and I thought maybe there was finally something that could rival Gran Turismo for me. I never ended up getting the game, or even trying it, but I noticed Project Cars and Project Cars 2 are currently on sale on the PS Store, so after a bit of research I determined PC2 is apparently much better, and there was a free demo which I downloaded. The first plus for me was when I inevitably smashed the car into a wall (I’m terrible at driving games but I still enjoy playing!) the windscreen immediately displayed as broken/cracked which isn’t a thing in Gran Turismo. With Gran Turismo you can crash into every wall you come across and your car will still be perfect at the end of the race – BORING. Also as I driving around I saw a bumper lying across the road. Then when I watched the replay I saw that it was in fact by bumper that had come flying off LOL. Also, it makes good use of the PS4 controller speakers, so you have your ‘crew’ talking to you through the controller, sounding just as you’d imagine someone talking to you through a headset would sound like.

Long story short, I bought the game. I haven’t had a chance to check out the whole game yet because oh my god it’s massive! There is so much to do, different driving career paths you can take, it’s a little overwhelming at first. I need more time to properly delve into it.





Last on the list is the only PS4 game on my list that starts with Q – Q*Bert Rebooted. I never actually played the original classic game, in fact I’d never even heard of Q*Bert until I watched the Adam Sandler movie ‘Pixels’. It’s fun enough, I’ve only played a few levels where you just jump around trying not send Q*Bert off the edge to his doom and trying to avoid obstacles that randomly appear. Not something that particularly grabbed me like other games have, but not bad at all.


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