I’ve now played enough 0 – Q games since the last entry I have enough to give them an entry of their own, these are games that either came out on PS Plus or games that I bought which begin with letters I’ve already been through, I suspect I will need to do a few catch up posts like this since games just keep coming out and I keep buying them. These will be in alphabetical order rather than the order I played them in, mostly because I can’t remember the order I played them in. I’m currently starting on my games that begin with ‘T’ so I still need to catalogue all my  ‘R’ + ‘S’ games, I’ve played a LOT of games lately.

First up is just a mention because it wouldn’t actually work on my PS4 for some reason, not sure why, I believe it was also free on Vita for PS Plus so maybe I’ll try it again when I’m going through my Vita games, but I’ve seen enough on Youtube to know that it’s probably not for me anyway.

2064: Read Only Memories – “Inspired by classics like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father and Snatcher, 2064: Read Only Memories is a retrofuturistic take on the point-and-click adventure genre that features a rich mature narrative and unique gameplay challenges hidden within the beautiful interactive pixel scenes. The deeper you delve into the life of your missing friend, the further you get entangled into this tale about the dark side of technology.”





Absolver is a game that seemed mildly interesting to me, it’s like martial arts fighting game with beautiful art style and interesting combat, but as I was going through the tutorial some online person came along and kicked my ass. I heard there is a campaign mode, if so I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more, being able to play in peace. Although, the gameplay didn’t really draw me in enough that I’d bother playing it again to be honest, but I’m sure a lot of other people love this game.




Another World-  I hated this game. So much. It was basically unplayable for me. I’ve heard it’s some cult classic or something, and I just don’t get it.




The next game is a recent addition to the PS Plus line up and I was expecting not to like it at all, but Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition totally had my attention from the moment I started playing. I don’t know what it is but I just really got into it, I love the story, and even though I’ve never been into FPS games, this just makes it really fun. It’s gory with bad language (both those things can be disabled in the settings but really, why would you?) and after playing this for a few hours today I can say I will definitely be back for more. Basically you end up on some awful planet as a result of your ship going down (it may or may not have been your fault) and you have to deal with these savage punks with guns (think Fury Road). Luckily, you stumble across some tech advanced weapons and that’s when it gets really fun.





Burly Men At Sea is kind of like a little indie adventure game which kind of seems like an interactive children’s book. It’s amusing, but not something that interested me enough to spend a significant amount of time on.




I had always viewed the Call of Duty games with disdain since my little brother used to spend hours playing them as a teenager and so my brain associates CoD with being kept up until all hours of the night by him screaming at the TV and the other online players. Awhile ago Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was free, I can’t remember whether it was some random promotion or part of PS Plus but I added it to my library either way and finally actually had a go at it myself. I only played the single player campaign (of course) for a bit, and it was actually surprisingly fun. I can’t see me spending a lot of time playing it or joining any online matches but I can see now why so many people play these games. I guess it was a similar experience to playing Bulletstorm but not so much over the top crazy fun as that.




Dead by Daylight is sort of a survival game with a twist. All multiplayer ‘matches’, but unlike the usual multiplayer games such as CoD etc, it’s a horror game where 4 players are the survivors (or the victims if things don’t go their way) trying to make it to the end without being killed and 1 lucky player gets to be the psycho killer who has to hunt them all down and kill them before they escape the map. From what I can see they’ve added DLC so that instead of just a generic horror scene with a generic killer, you can have a real horror movie killer such as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface etc. I love the concept of it, especially with the DLC killers, but in reality I wouldn’t enjoy playing it unless it was with my friends where you’d all be laughing and having fun. If I was just playing alone sitting by myself I’d just be freaked out LOL. There didn’t seem to be a single player campaign when I tried out the game, but there is a lengthy tutorial area which teaches you how to pay either as a survivor or the killer so I played around with those and had fun. From what I can make out, single player campaign would basically have to be an entirely different game, because the AI would have to be off the charts for this particular scenario to work.




Back in September PS Plus offered Destiny 2, something I wasn’t expecting for sure. I know a lot of people who play the Destiny games, and from what I know Destiny has a large fanbase. I remember before the original game launched, seeing the trailers and dev demos etc and I thought it looked amazing, I was definitely going to buy it, but then when it released I found myself feeling very meh about it at the time so I never got the game, never played it. Since D2 was free I thought I might as well give it a shot. To be honest, it feels very similar to other shooter games I’ve played, especially recently, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, I will most likely delve more into it properly later.




Extreme Exorcism sounds like some intense horror game but actually it’s a little brightly coloured indie game that was more entertaining than I was expecting. It’s all pixel art platform game so it has that old school vibe to it, but instead of running along and zapping/avoiding enemies that cross your path you’re in a room with ghosts who mimic your every move. It’s a bit of fun for a rainy day, not to be taken too seriously unless you reeeeeally get into it I guess!




I had seen a review raving about Foul Play so when it was added to PS Plus I was excited to try it, and wasn’t disappointed. It’s a side scrolling brawler but set on stage, as if you are acting out a play, and you have to perform well to keep the audience entertained otherwise you’re pretty much done. It’s quite delightful, like a story being told and you get to act it all out by way of fighting, with the audience cheering and booing depending on how well you’re doing.  Very creative, not sure if I’ll play with it again but it’s a definite maybe.





Two months after Dead by Daylight was added to PS Plus, along came Friday The 13th. Apparently the games were actually only launched a month apart too, but I’m not sure which came first. I had definitely heard about the F13th game prior to Dead by Daylight, given the launch dates I assume it was just a big coincidence and the games were developed around the same time with neither company knowing about the other. These two games have a very similar concept, only of course Friday The 13th is limited to just the one psycho killer, Jason Vorhees, with the summer camp setting. That fact, along with the fact that the developers are no longer adding any new content due to a lawsuit (not involving them directly) could mean that Dead by Daylight has a definite edge over F13th, but the reviews I’ve seen indicate that F13th is more fun overall.

One thing it does have going for it is that it offers single player challenges as well, so I stuck with that when trying it out. The challenges have you playing as Jason, hunting down the camp counsellors. I probably just need more practice or need to look up some videos or something, but I found it quite hard lol. As much as I loved these horror movies as a kid, I don’t think I’m invested enough to continue playing the game.





Knowledge Is Power looks like it would be a lot of fun for a group of people to play, and that’s what you need in order to play it all from what I can make out. Each player must download an app onto their phone or tablet, the PS4 game asks trivia questions which the players try to answer via multi-choice options on their device, competing against one another. I put the game on, not knowing was was required, but haven’t been able to play it because I need to coerce my friends and family into playing with me, hopefully soon!





Even when games are multiplayer I try to test them out but I didn’t get far with Laser League. I’m sure it’s fun if you’re into that kind of thing, but I’m just not.




My game of the year is most definitely Marvel’s Spider-Man. Obviously this wasn’t part of PS Plus, I had pre-ordered this game, excited by the trailers and demos I’d seen. I’ve never played a Spider-Man game before, save for his character in the Marvel Lego games I’ve played. I very quickly became completely addicted to this game, the swinging is unbelievably fun, and I had a great time with the story and upgrading all my abilities and gadgets. The map is an incredible diorama of Manhattan, it reminded me of how much I loved playing Infamous: Second Son in Seattle. The combat is amazing, the side content is fun and challenging, and so far the DLC has lived up to the high standard the main game set, satisfying those of us who just need more of this game. There are puzzles, car chases, pigeon chases (yes, pigeon chases), bad guys a plenty for Spidey to stop, he can interact with anyone on the street, there is just so much you can do in the game.

I need a sequel to this as soon as possible, but given the time it takes to develop something like this I’d say we are years away yet.





Last but not least for this list is a game I’d never heard of before it was added to PS Plus, Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut. The game now has a sequel, but the director’s cut of the original is all I’ve played so far. As a fan of the Portal games (when we are getting Portal 3 pleeeeease) I was intrigued by this game. Instead of the Portal gun you have special gloves which can interact with your environment, and this game your environment is a strange maze of hallways you’re trapped in, your objective obviously is to get out. The maze is made up of white cube blocks, and some strategically placed coloured cubes which move/behave differently depending on the colour, and you need these to escape each room in the maze. Though the gameplay is interesting enough, it has a very isolated feel to it, I think part of the reason Portal 2 kept me so hooked was the hilarious commentary from both Wheatley and GLaDOS, you didn’t feel completely alone.



Next up, I need to get my ‘R’ entry finished!

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