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Tag: PS4

Mission 0


  Since Journey is probably the game I’ve heard the most about since it came out on PS3, I was really looking forward to trying it out. Maybe it was […]

Mission 0


Hardware Rivals is an online multiplayer game so it’s not really for me, however I did take the time to play the training area and that was fun all by […]

Mission 0

Game of Games

I played through the first mission of Galak-Z The Void not expecting much, but actually it wasn’t too bad. Really good voice acting and I got into the gameplay even […]

Mission 0

E and F

Awhile ago I’d heard about the game Entwined, and I loved the story of it immediately, a bird and a fish in love, but they can’t be together because, well, […]

Mission 0

The D

So I have Dark Souls 3 in my library from picking it up on sale a couple of months back, and I said previously that sequels wouldn’t be included in […]

Mission 0

From B to C

If I had seen someone else playing Bound I probably would have passed on even trying it, it just doesn’t come across as something I’d find fun to play, so it’s probably […]